Since the introduction of the blanket smoking ban more and more smoking cessation aids are available, and NHS trusts have no option other than to invest in a costly smoking cessation programme – even when funds for vital services (e.g. diagnostic equipment, staffing,  treatment options and so on) are being reduced.

The smoking cessation programme is a side effect of the, by the anti-smoking lobby, peddled process of "denormalisation".  This process of denormalisation involves incapacitation, discrimination and vilification of people who continue to smoke and actively needs to be discouraged.

Please amend the smoking ban, allow seperate, well ventilated smoking rooms away from non-smoking areas and give people back the option of choice. Redirect the funds allocated to this smoking cessation programme to vital NHS services!

Why is this idea important?

Haven't we all read of the plight of people who discovered that their life prolonging treatment was denied due to cost, yet their local NHS trust is offering this costly smoking cessation programme?  
It is important to regain balance!  Apeal the smoking ban and free resources for vital services, such as treatment options, ambulance services, diagnostic equipment, intensive care units, wards, staffing and so on.

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