Why can I not enjoy an al fresco meal at a restaurant with outdoor seating without been subjected to cigarette smoke from nearby tables? I choose to eat outside where available due to fresh air and smoking should not be allowed in these areas. This is law in Australia and is welcomed and the norm.

Smoking should also not be tolerated in pub entrances and exits and I would suggest a boundary imposed of say 20 metres for smoking to be prohibited.

Smoke in your own homes, do not subject others to your smoke (including your own children!) and let us non-smokers enjoy our rights and our fresh air!

Why is this idea important?

Smoking is anti-social, unhealthy, dangerous and something that people who do not smoke should not be subjected to ever.

Keep it to yourself if you have to smoke.

2 Replies to “‘Ban Smoking in all public outdoor eating areas and outside Pub entrances’”

  1. I very good idea to ban smoking outside entrances and all outside eating areas including public offices

  2. Very good idea to ban smoking from eating areas outside restaurants and coffee shops. Why should fresh air fiends be polluted?

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