To Include;

Public Control of Police Complaints. Abolish IPCC. Power of elected Public Commitee of members of public to directly dismiss Police Officers who, make up the law, abuse powers, deliberately seek to crush public free speech in public places, intimidate tourists, photgraphers and members of the public try to correct their actions. One strike out policy for all officers.

All police officers to swear an oath to serve the public and not government or corporations. All police officers to wear large insignia of "serving the public" on all items of clothing. Police to remove freemasonic black and white insignias from vehicles and uniforms and abolishion of all police lodges at freemasonic halls. IPCC to be investigated for failure to convict any Police Officers for over 1,000 deaths in police custody in last 30 years. No IPCC style system of a regional force to investigate the misdemeanors of another regional police force, public/people led bodies instead.


Abolition of all newly imposed thought and speech crimes. The absolute and unconditional right to offend and be offended, with exception, in any circumstance. Freedom of speech and free press in all open spaces, a criminal offence and dismissal for a police officer to obstruct free speech without exception. Free speech using an amplified tool to be permitted by law without exception. The setting up and funding of "speakers corners" areas in all UK towns and cities through government funding.

Press Laws;

No media or news information organisation in the UK, to be owned in part, by more than 5%, by any one shareholder or subscriber. No political funding donations to be excepted by any media or news information shareholder, employee, director or subscriber in the UK.

More Tomorrow, …….heres Tom with the weather.










Why is this idea important?

Because we live in an emerging Police State, a corrupt political state and its all going to end in tears at some stage in the future.

In the US, Big government and old America are about to clash head on and its not going to be pretty. Lets avoid that situation here please if we can.

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