Speaking as a previously very heavy binge drinker who is now finding it extremely difficult to leave it be, I was thinking of just how it might be possible to prevent binge drinking without affecting the sensible drinker, this idea does not raise prices or give concern to anyone who is not abusing alcohol, but could very easily put a stop to people like myself getting into trouble with alcohol.

The idea consists of a card scheme, where everybody is issued with an alcohol card which must be presented to every shop keeper selling alcohol to you. The card will also be pre-programmed with your DOB and have your Photo embedded into the card.

The card must be scanned for each unit of alcohol sold, and the card has a daily limit of units allowed to be sold to that customer. Once the card has reached its daily limit, it will refuse the sale.

Now this way, no one person can purchase a dangerous amount of units every day,  and will greatly reduce under age drinking.

Yes there are some people who will still buy for others, but this is unpreventable in any scenario, but the idea will drastically save lives in my opinion as it is just too easy to buy cheap and dangerous amounts of alcohol for pennies and without being challenged by the shop keeper.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because binge drinking is killing many many people every year, young people who had their entire lives to live and because if the evil of greedy companies trying to make money targeting youngsters and the vulnerable with cheap dangerous highs,

my idea is important because at the age you start drinking, you are uneducated as to the severity of the danger attached to it,

My idea is important because many crimes and violent assaults are committed because of alcohol and youths – people are scared to walk to the shop because of the gang of violent drunken youths who will start something because they are drunk


Remove the binge drinking, you remove the policing costs, the NHS costs, the deaths, the pain, hurt, fear of the victims to go out in their own street.

Forget cutting this and cutting that because you have no budget left, grab the problem by the balls and all the rest fixes itself.

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