please review the CIS monthly return deadline. My husband and I run a small building buisiness where we employ subcontractors on a regular basis. Each month we are required to send in a monthly return for the CIS tax. if we are late we get fined. however for a small one man office this means restictions i have had to plan house/office moves, illness! and holidays around this deadline so as not to incurr a fine.

we work hard during the spring to autumn season and take holidays and time off when we are naturally quiet. however we have to plan these breaks around the monthly tax deadline even if we have a £0 return, still needing to submit the relevant paperwork. this also means that we can spend no more than 4 weeks away from the computer and accounts. (i know this sounds a lot but we work continuously for 8 months of the year without break)

i use sage to generate my accounts and there is a 6 month opt out button but this is too long. please make this more small business friendly. we do not have the luxury of office cover.



Why is this idea important?

It is difficult enough to run a small business without incurring fines. the monthly deadline allows for no flexibility and severely limits options.

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