marriage and reproduction of 1st cousins couples should be made illegal.

Why is this idea important?

health issues concerning children born of a union between 1st cousins are well documented. it feels almost medieval to me that children are still being born with physical and mental disabilities because of this – and it is legal! these cousins can choose not to marry and have children, it is very simple. to proceed to do so – being fully aware of the risks involved for the children – is irresponsible and unnecessary. i also think in this age of culpability, that the cost to the nhs and all other agencies involved in the long term need to be taken into account  and while i would never suggest that help should be denied, it is still a burden that can be ill-afforded. most importantly – anybody partaking in this practice does so out of choice, the children have no choice – but this law could give them a chance! 

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