When taking someone to court, often you have to pay a flat fee. Then the court will take a LONG time to process your application etc. This is fine if you have time on your side etc, but if you don't (e.g.: the issue is costing you £££ daily) then the applicant will pay an extra fee to 'cue jump'.

For example, I've been taking a couple to court that have been renting a house off me as they haven’t paid in over 5 months!, I had to give them 2 months notice (min by law), then the court date was booked 6 weeks after I applied (You can only apply once your notice is over). Then once the court hearing was heard (I won) i had to wait another 3 weeks to get the eviction letter through, then they still didn’t go so I had to apply for bailiffs, 3 weeks later the bailiffs come.

Now, all in all. I think at the start, I should have been given two options, a fast result (more expensive) or a cheap result (takes more time). Ultimately I've lost 1000's. And if the court was just quicker, I assure you I would of paid the court in region of £500+ for a quick chuck out. This could be achieved by issuing a court bailiff at the same time as handing over the two month notice…. then at least they will be living there rent free for 2 months – not 5!, the government wins, i win. Victory all round.

You may ask… but what about the tenants? … well they actually have jobs, they are just bad tenants and don’t want to pay.

Why is this idea important?

Using the fact that people claiming ARE willing to pay more to get their issue sorted quickly, it helps everyone. It also gives them a choice whether they want a quick process or a regular process.

This is one of the major reasons why landlords leave the profession, therefore less affordable housing. Contact me for more thoughts!

OF Corse this doesn't just apply to housing – it applies all across the field. Anything involving court actions..

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