The DMCA "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" is so overbloated and obtuse, that the following circumstances could make you a criminal:


A) If you download a song off the internet that belongs to someone else, who can claim they have proprietorship.


B) If you download something off the internet that may have at one time belonged to someone else, because they can claim you have "infringed" them.


C) If you sell something that is similar to something else, and because it is similar a famous music artist/corporation can point at you and say "they broke the law"


D) Because the DMCA is a modern day bureaucratic bumbling of epic proportion, and rewards bad behavior while punishing good behavior.


E) It has so many restrictions that anyone on the internet could become a potential felon.

Why is this idea important?

People need to make it clear that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act is not binding to everyone, since none of us agreed to it; and there should be more than one option to opt out just as anyone chooses to opt out of someone's campaign or newsletter.


The standards set forth by DMCA should never be outright taken as law, or else all man is made a criminal by default. It is plainly the definition of stupidity to attack people using the DMCA as a sword to beat over the head of whoever they wish.

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