the UK seems to be so congested its almost at a standstill.

we need to create a lot more cheaper parking, slash the price of public transport and car fuel.  this will allow people to move around the country more freely and bring out those who could not afford to leave their homes  (i for one would visit more places in the UK if this happened) and have a bit more money to spend wherever they visit be it for holiday or shopping.  retail etc would be busier which of course leads to more employment in retail and hopefully expansion which would create even more jobs which will have a knock on effect on other employment in offices, factories etc and if we brought the VAT back to 15% to help things along and hopefully we will all benefit.  

at the moment i feel we are trapped.  congestion charge to get into London which stops alot of people coming in to spend as what is the fun of going on a train with a load of bags so then people spend less.  people who work in London have to already spend money on expensive fuel and put mileage on their cars and then pay congestion charge.  so this is to force us onto public transport.  Great!!!  expensive, dirty and unreliable.

Why is this idea important?

it is imoportant for the country and its future.  our childrens future.

no good saying lets get people off benefits and into jobs when there are no jobs.  or should I say not enough jobs as there are jobs but the British have slowly become lazy.

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