A young boy has a fight at school with another pupil. The school call the police who decide that one boy is to blame. The boy has two choices: admit his 'guilt' and recieve a police caution, or he can be prosecuted.

The boy choses the caution – and this is recorded on the PNS for life (or 100 years!).

There is now a growing army of companies, NGOs and other organisations that are allowd access to the PNC.

The boy suddenly finds that he cannot get a job – not least with children or other professional bodies because (in a competitive market) why take someone with a police record?

The boy's life is ruined.

This is not rihgt. We should have the following legislation in the UK:

a.   Only court convictions should be on the PNC.

b.   All minor convictions should be removed form the PNC after the punishment has been served.



Why is this idea important?

If you do something wrong you should be tried by your peers, convicted in a court, and then punished. After you have served your time the slate is ‘wiped clean’ and you re enter society.

This used to be the principle, and it was a good one – one of our ‘humna rights’. This was the case even if your convictioon was serious – fraud, rape, or manslaughter (any offence other than a life sentence).

However, under current legislation the use and retention of computer records means you can be marked for life for nothing – and a growing number of bodoies can see this. Although the PNC clearly shows it is a ‘caution’ not a criminal conviction, the subtle differenc eis lost on those that access the information.

We have lost the balance of right to privacy. The boy in my story will now know that he is ‘identified’ on the Police records ’til the day he dies.

7 Replies to “Delete police records on the police national computer.”

  1. Yes it should be removed from pnc it should not
    effect the human rights of some one .
    there should be time limit such as 1 month or two months and if he/she stay in police station then it should not be on the system

  2. I completely agree with this statement. As I am a victim of this. When I was a young school boy I was arrested for shoplifting and then given a reprimand by the police, I was informed that this reprimand would be removed from my record upon reaching my 18th birthday. When I became 18 I applied to become a special constable for my local force and was declined entry due to the grounds of me having this reprimand. I was disgusted the fact that this reprimand has impacted my life so dentrimentally and is now having affect on my career choice. Don’t get me wrong I know that what I did was wrong and unjustified, but I did not know what I wanted to do as a career when I was at school. When I left school I decided I wanted to be a Police Officer but now I cannot do this, surely this cannot be the intention of the justice system to impact peoples lives so dentrimentally especially when they commited an offence at such a young age,

  3. Is anyone working to get cautions removed? I can’t believe one mistake can have an impact on the rest of your life. My son took a caution on the understanding that the caution would go after 3 months I even checked that with his solicitor who said the same thing. This is so cruel and wrong

  4. It’s disgusting !! Why. Are innocent people being branded as criminals for minor offences!

  5. Im trying to get answers Can an initial police report after 3 days be null and void /dissmissed with a new report new date and/or new charges be added to it almost like “oh i forgot this happened too ” is this even legal or is it admissible in the courts..to be its unethical and rights are being violated and laws are being broken..then please can someone tell me who is the right person for help besides the attorney cause he doesn’t seem to recognize it as being an issue at this point seems like a stop would have been put to this:please help me its often called railroading who can help i have no money to get the best help.and in the end i would like to have a case brought up against those causing all this extra pain and depression

  6. Intrusion of privacy- Big Brothers watching every move you make. The government are sick perverted people who should be trailed for crimes against humanity!!

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