A mate of mine played Hockey for Redditch for 34 years and his son followed in his footsteps.  He and his whole family are  known to everyone in the club as part of the social fabric.  He would like to offer his services as a coach to the new breed of young hockey players but he can't without putting himself through some form of vetting procedure to ensure he is not a paedophile so he hasn't bothered.

My wife and I have 4 grandchildren.  The eldest will start school soon and naturally we will want to record the event on camera but we won't be able to in case we are actually more interested in all the kids around him for perverted reasons.  Oh by the way we haven't been able to record his first football lesson, visit to the library or swimming class.

In a Big Society as I understand it people know life has risks but we don't constrain the entirity of living for the worry of the very unlikely.

Don't accept the principle of fear that one childs death at the hands of a paedofile justifies laws or interpretation of laws that contrain the daily life of us all.  We will never stop perverts totally lets get back to living life for the benefit of the 99.9% rather than in fear of the .1%

Why is this idea important?

People need to be presummed normal not presummed perverted.  The way we are at the moment is a serious case of the tail wagging the dog

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