Currently DVLA sell full names and addresses of vehicle holders to anyone who pays a paltry sum. Data required to be submitted by private individuals to a government body should have protection under the Data Protection Act. If the information is held on an electronic database and given for a specific purpose there can be no justification for the government selling it on to anyone other than the police.  Is it done to raise funds?

Why is this idea important?

It matters because UK citizens should have confidence that personal information submitted to a government department is only accessible to Statutory Bodies.   It is essential that citizens have confidence that the Data Protection Act is there to protect them and that government departments are not exempt from the act.  It is a breach of Human Rights that Personal security and freedom is put at risk by addresses being given out freely to anyone who pays.

  Where does this stop? Which body is next to sell information? The police?  Inland Revenue?  In a time of austerity departments could raise a lot of money selling personal information and I am sure there are countries where it happens. The UK government probably condems them for such breaches of human rights! 

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  1. People in the UK have become so poor that if needed they can sell their children if they can get few pennies. I have no doubt DVLA or any councils are not selling personal information.

    I wonder how stupid these people in DVLA would be that they are not realising their own data is also sold.

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