I find it discraceful that when I go and see a doctor I have to pay £7.60 (or thereabouts) for a prescription, because I work and pay into the system, and yet when some chav comes in who doesn't work and doesnt pay N.I they get the same prescription for free. I mean, we could both have exactly the same chest infection or something, and I have to pay but they don't? That is not fair.

I would like to propose a new system. I would like to see the government and the NHS between them work out the total value of all prescriptions dispensed in a year at current prices. I don't mind people who have genuine, long term (say 6 months plus) illnesses recieving free prescriptions as it is not their fault that they can't work and are ill. So the govornment/NHS should then work out how much the prescriptions in this catagory come to, and discount that. Then, if they divide the amount of prescriptions left into the total cost, this should give the amount that people should be paying. Charge this amount to EVERYONE. Not only will this get rid of the very unfair system we have at the moment, but it should significantly reduce the amount that the tax paying workforce have to pay at the same time, as the workshy chavs would have to pay their way for once.

Why is this idea important?

I, along with the rest of the workforce, am sick and tired of seeing layabouts get everything for free while we spend frequent sleepless nights wondering how we are going to feed ourselves and buy petrol to get to work once our full price rent/council tax have been paid after we've been taxed and N.I'd to the hilt out of our wages. It makes us sick to see them all swanning off to Benidorm and Ibiza at this time of year – I can barely afford a weekend in Blackpool. The system needs to be changed so that people who work really are better off financially. I think changing prescription charging is a good place to start.

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