Lift the ban on semi automatic full bore rifles and hand guns for FAC holders who have held a licence for five years or more.

Why is this idea important?

It has been proven that taking firearms from the law abiding sport shooter does not stop gun crime in actual fact gun crime went up by 40% under the labour handgun is totally unfair to law abiding people who shoot for sport or recreation to have this taken away because of a bunch of madmen,this is like taking thousands of cars of safe car drivers for the recklessness of dangerous drivers who kill innocent pedestrians,there are far more people killed in this country every year by cars knives alcohol and drugs than by firearms,fact.FAC holders are just a easy target and a big temptation for governments to be seen to be doing good by removing firearms from law abiding people which does not make any difference to gun crime,if a criminal wants a firearm he or she will get one anyway with or without a licence.They have a saying in America that when guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns?.

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