I firmly belive that all households should still have the right to defend themselves in the event of a home invasion.

Why is this idea important?

yes i agree that the police do a fine job in ensuring our security , but what would you rather do ? take your personal safety and the safety of your family and property into your hands ?  or call the police and wait for them to arrive and take pretty pictures of your dead body ?

my point being is that all households should be allowed firearms as home defence , the shooting in cumbria could've been avoided if the government would stop restricting law abiding citizens rights to defence , a homeowner or gun owner would have easily ended the killing by shooting Derrick Bird.

if firearms are more common then criminals will think twice before breaking and entering , this has been proven both in the United States and elsewhere, it gives a certain amount of respect because you just dont know who's armed and who is not. giving way to the concept of the "civilian sheepdog"

law breakers are always going to get their hands on firearms and other illegal items because they dont abide by laws. Why bring the good people like myself and others that abide by the laws of this land at a disadvantage?


it's about time we turned the tables and create a fear for the everyday man instead of the everyday man being afraid of the criminals.

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