Generalise all specific criminal offences – for example, instead of defining and enforcing a whole battery of motoring offences, suc as driving over the speed limit, drunken driving, parking in the wrong place etc. a general law such as 'bad use of a motor vehicle' should be introduced. All the signage not directly related to safety should be removed. E.g. road markings should be retained but all speed limit signs signs removed. Traffic lights should be removed except at pedestrian crossings etc…. the aim is to make drivers behave themselves and drive sensibly without the overburdening costs of making, modifying and enforcing detailed laws. The Highway Code should be reduced to advice only and make no mention of the law; but it should remain the standard against bad driving should be measured by the enforcement agency (police). 

Many other criminal offences could be reduced in a similar fashion and a general rule such as 'dont hurt anyone' adopted instead. A Code of Conduct listing various 'hurts' could play the same role as the Highway Code mentioned above. The aim again is to prompt people to behave themselves. 

The leave it to the enfacement agencies and the courts to apprehend and punish people who do 'not behave themselves'. Then let the punishment fit each event. The uncertainty and arbitrariness of 'rough justice' could in itself be a deterrent. 

So save us from silly detailed and usually flawed laws and just tell us to behave ourselves! Everyone already know what is right and wrong. There's no need for detailed criminal laws.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because it treats people as adults and DEMANDS that they act responsibly as adults, giving respect to their fellows rather than to a rule book. People who act so as to hurt other should be pitied as retarded infants, deprived of the rights of adults until they can behave themselves. 

Politeness and civility should be required of everyone who wishes to live in British Society. If they cannot behave themselves (i.e. if they re-offend once)  they (and their dependants) should be deported to the country of their choice outside the EU and refused re-entry.

Prisons should be redesigned to provide safe rehabilitation. 

This idea is important because it provides the means of effecting the 'culture change' that everyone talks about but no one, as yet, seems to have found a practical way of executing.

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