I think it is crazy to have so many speed bumps and speed cameras. Here is my argument against them:

Speed bumps – these restrict very much where I can drive. I have a classic car which was designed with a low chasis compare to modern cars. Many times my exhaust scrapes on these, so to prevent myself from having a bill of £90 every month for a new front pipe I avoid speed bumps wherever possible. This is not always possible. Also, I can't begin to imagine how the emergency services cope with these. Surely it must slow them down?!

Speed cameras – these can actually CAUSE accidents. Drivers become too conscious of speed and spend more time looking at their speedometer than the road because they are afraid of getting fined and points on their license. You just have to look at Durham City where there are no fixed speed cameras. This city has one of the lowest rates of road traffic accidents in Britain. Perhaps those signs that flash up your speed would be enough to embarrass drivers into slowing down as others will see they are speeding? They seem very effective from what I have seen.

Whilst I don't endorse speeding I think the country has gone to town on this issue and gone too far!

My civil liberties are restricted because of speed bumps (why should I change my car?) and it can be very stressful watching your speed in certain areas where there is an abundance of money-making speed cameras.

Why is this idea important?

Because my civil liberties should not be restricted and road traffic accidents could be reduced and emergency services operate more efficiently.

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  1. Good idea dig up the bumps the don’t slow normal vehicles down any way.I still do 30 or 40 over them but Ive seen plenty of smart cars that or production made.low profile with front end damage where the bottom of the front skirt as hit the bump and smashed it.Its a shame when they buy a car like that and it ends up damaged they should sue the highways or who ever.cameras don’t bother me at least with them you can still drive at whatever the speed limit is on that road with out slowing right down to nothing and getting front end damage unless you run the back of something when you are looking at your speedometer.The emergency services should help to get the humps dug up

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