I personally am appalled by the previous governments intervention into all aspects of our lives. I would like to see CCTV cut back to a minimum. By minimum, I mean it should only be used on private property or business property.  It should NOT be used in towns and public places at all – it should be scrapped.  And it must never be allowed to be used serruptisiously on citizens who either in the name of a "war on terror" or "reasonable suspicion".

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because individual liberty is in my opinion more important than the (phoney) notion that, if we watch everybody (thereby wasting millions if not billions of tax payers money), then we have a better society.  

The notion that everybody needs to be watched is deeply dissatisfying to all I believe if they really think about it, but it is the poorest who are most subjected to its insults.

Labour only managed to create a society of fear over the last 14 years.  This government has begun bravely.  I voted liberal but if I hadn't voted for them it would have been the Conservative parties because I believe now, after having experienced Labour for that long that our country is in need of a deep, deep massage, and over-all tension relief.  David Cameron's and Nick Cleggs ideas seem to be based on much more common sense than Labours over-proscriptive Nanny State and I sincerely hope they may be the ones to perform this deep-relief!

To reduce (greatly), the number of CCTV's in our country is a very good thing.  How dare the government snoop on us – it needs to be a fundamental stone of our country that we are good people overall, with the emphasis on trust rather than a position which almost states that everyone is guilty until proven innocent.  And as I said, I believe it is the poor that are most affected by this stigma that is given to them – just look at ASBO's.

Let's bring back common sense government as it is much better for our well-being as well as for business, the arts, etc. I have been really impressed by the governments handling of the recent gun massacre – it was an awful thing but occasionally awful things happen.  You cannot proscribe for these things, and David Cameron's response seemed really good to me – he just said that it is something which cannot be legislated for – This is the right response, and society needs to begin to reflect this in all its areas.  Crime is definitely one of these areas – and society is not better for paying millions just so that theoretically everyone can be watched buy the state – all that happens is the (atrociously behaved) press and media stir up fear, based on (suspicious) over legislated government policy, creating an awful atmosphere for us to live.  Society will be better if we get rid of CCTV where it is not absolutely justified.

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