I know the following implies the extension rather than the curtailment of legislation – but the extensions are to limit the impact and scope of existing legal frameworks which now seriously undermine civil society and the organisation of a variety of social and leisure activities.


Introduce laws that (a) allow individuals to affirm full responsiblity for their own and their children's safety, and effectively to opt-out of the health and safety umbrella which now makes so many activities prohibitively complicated or expensive to organise;  (b) radically curtail the possibility for litigation – laws which give public recognition to the reality that in life '**it happens'

Why is this idea important?

Because the health and safety/child safety industry is legislating social and life and informal, self-organised leisure activity out of existence.


Scouts – not allowed to take pen knifes to camp, or to make fires!!!!

Children not allowed to climb trees in the grounds of schools, national trust properties etc

Children not allowed to use school play grounds out of hours


etc etc

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