Please, please look into this unjust punishment for anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to visit  a hospital for any reason.  Staff, visitor, or the patient.  Car parking at hospitals is the most unjustified punishment for those already in need of treatment/ friends or family of those receiving treatment.

No one, but no one, chooses to go to hospital – its a need or a must.

Staff are punished and fined for overrunning or omitting to show the latest parking ticket, even though the money is deducted directly from salary – so the hospital know in advance that those staff have paid.  I have been told that even in these circumstances, they are forced to pay a fine if the appropriate piece of evidence is not on view.

All car parking charges at hospitals are unfair and unjustified – please take it on board.


Why is this idea important?

This simple request for justice is important because it affects the whole population, poor, rich,  all walks of life.  We all need medical help at some time in our lives and the additional stress and hassel  is uncalled for.

I have heard that one hospital in this country has already  dropped car parking charges – could this be the light at the end of the tunnel for all of us?

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