The bank of "England" is located in the "city of london" a suitably ambiguous name for somewhere that wants to hide the fact it isn't actually London OR England,

So why is the bank of ENGLAND, NOT in ENGLAND?! Because it's a private company, that we all rely on to screw us royally through nothing more than an interest based ponzi scheme

If we are to EVER fix the financial issues facing the country, we must face the rather massive elephant in the room that is the bank of 'england' – a PRIVATE company that we give everything to, and yet receive nothing back from in return,

Why is this idea important?

Because otherwise we are fighting an uphill struggle where every pound that exists, several thousands of pounds of debt that can NEVER be paid off are created


This is stupidity of the highest order


If we are to sit around talking of 'change' and progress, and we ignore this issue, the whole thing is frankly, a mockery of itself, 

No doubt the initial suggestion will be to create an even worse system, of world wide digital currency that will have the same if not even more faults than the present system, 

We need a system where the value of the money, reflects something REAL, and not just printing meaningless money that will speculatively have value based on the interest dreamt up as a result of lending it

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