I know there is a popular outcry for a reduction in CCTV, but watching this footage is more interesting than most of the drivel on the TV. 

The authorities should make the footage of this available on the BBC iPlayer. With the number of CCTV camemrs varying through the UK I think there should be a set number per square mile, say 10 for example. Even in the countryside so we can keep an eye on these evil foxes before they go hunting.

Why is this idea important?

It makes good use of the licence fee, scrap East Enders and other nonsense such as Homes under the hammer, 

It would also save the need to have Police Officers on the beat. The public can watch crimes being committed and get the Police out only when they need to be out. Lets face it, the police should be stuck behind a desk completing as many forms as possible to describe the jaffa cake they have just eaten.

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