Keep a secure register of all reports that come through crimestoppers and the identity of the informant.

This could be kept by law secret except in cases where the accused is completely innocent and can then sue for damages.

Why is this idea important?

At present a malicious false allegation through crimestoppers results in information being stored on the PNC including false allegations against innocent people.

There must be new rules brought in to prevent this including recording the details of all informants where innocent people can sue for damages against malicious false allegations.

Currently an accusation of domestic abuse or child abuse will stay on the PNC as soft information even if the subject is completely innocent.

By keeping an informers details purely for the ability to be sued for a malicious report then the number of malicious reports and wasted police time will decrease and less innocent people will have information recorded on the PNC that could affect their working lives and futures.

I know I am such a victim

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