Crimes which constitute a 'Life' sentence as imposed by a Judge should have the option to impose a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Crimes such as murder should be catagorised as per the United States of America … and if an offender is convicted of Murder in the First Degree a sentence of 'Life without the possibility of parole' should be enforced. It's not fair on society that the judiciary can send someone to prison only for the probation service to say 'yes this individual is safe to be released' only for that offender to offend again. For people who cause the most heinous of crimes should not be given the possibility of parole and by doing so society will be safe in the knowledge such characters will be safely kept behind bars.

Why is this idea important?

For offenders which would be deserving of 'life without parole' there would be only one place for them, prison. For offenders who have committed such heinous crimes and given the possibility of parole this isn't fair on the taxpayer who has paid for their subsistance until such a time that they are released. Indeed, I think the taxpayer would be more comfortable their money was going to keep society safe by keeping such people in prison as opposed to being released back into society.  When such laws are enforced in this country this would send a clear message to others who would hopefully think twice about committing such a crime themselves. To take Murder in the First Degree for example I do not think it would be acceptable for a 19 year old murderer to think 'I'll be out in 12 years' and from the age of 31 is allowed to live the rest of their life when the murderer could not afford this luxury to the person they had killed. For the Courts to give life imprisonment it should mean life and not be used as a term for a period of time ie: 12 years. Life should mean 'until the offender dies.'

For a Judge is to serve a punishment of life imprisonment and the offender is then released just makes a mockery of the criminal justice system and is an insult to the law abiding citizens of our state.

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