Lets not make the same mistakes as past governments, and be bullied by horror stories and media controlled propaganda over policies that should be determined by Big Society. By this I mean a Government that is Big enough to take on the media which threatens party success, through a miriad of lies, often backed up by people with a limited scope of insight , unable to capture the big picture who are consumed with fear or bigotry. That said Im unsure whether the coalition has the power at this point to sever its tethers to media influence and the control the media has over decision making in our developed country.

Expense and consequence are the reasons for decriminilising Cannabis , the expense is unjustified, and the consequences are horric. The resons for this will follow.

Social control is a big issue that should'nt be overlooked as anyone may agree there is a failure in society, where a generation of youth which have little hope and prospects, This is a failure in parenting. Society has become fragmented leading to a situation which we all know too well. With all the jobsearch schemes that are available and training prospects there may be.  Nothing can be done to remedy the chunk of society that pretty much are no good or use, and really dont want to work, or to be of some benefit. There is a new saying going round. "CBA" they call it. (Cant Be Arsed) they use for everything.

Cannabis is blamed for this generation being demotivated as a large majority of these people end up using cannabis to quell the boredom in their lives, and to trigger the pleasure reward mechanisms of the mind, which need stimulating via dopamine receptors to enable them to exist. It is a coincidence that Cannabis simulates these feelings through being able to replicate the body's anandamide which makes them feel satisfied and rewarded.

Cannabis is not to blame for this coincidence, its the lack of social structure and parenting that they become effectively of no use, and have no motivation as they havent been taught to be motivated nor taught how to get these rewards or stimulation through worth and being helpfull, industrious. There is nothing that can be done about this situation. Parenting and morals could be addressed, but not much can be done.

At this point I go on to discuss where drugs, alcohol and social control should be considered in a context that is realistic and more about what big society should be about. The fact is these people use cannabis and alcohol a lot.  Alcohol is the big problem, as it makes this section of society angry, destructive and out of control. a large portion of hospital admissions and crime is caused by this section of society, under the influence of alcohol and the cost to the country is massive, socially and financially. Regular people are scared. Its reminiscent of an eastern block Vodka fuelled chaos. This is all cost.

The same people also use cannabis, the effects of this is exactly what is needed to control this disruption and cost. As Cannabis is illegal this also has a cost, although in a totally different nature. Cannabis for most has a calming, relaxed effect on humans. without alcohol, users will be inclined to stay inside, watch tv, listen to music, be creative artistically or musically, feel satisfied and subdued. not angry, agressive and destructive. Cannabis users are motivated differently, actually picking up obsessions and interests of an artistic nature which should be encouraged. The law as it stands, Favours alcohol addiction over cannabis addiction, which is the wrong approach for a progressive society. Alcohol encourages nothing but violence and anger in someone who is dissatified with themselves. Cannabis at worst encourages nothing but being satisfied. However in most cases encourages interest in something that can be worked on. Unlike alcohol. The power of mind control should be encouraged. Some of those otherwise useless people could be encouraged to use the creative interest to be socially usefull via art, music and the things they have become interested in, maybe repairing their pitbike, and go on to become a mechanic. there is hope of something, over nothing with alcohol that is encouraged.

The expense of Cannabis being illegal is vast. As far as criminal records go, if convicted you can expect limited opportunity to secure work in the future, via the CRB vetting system for employers, creating a lifetime of benefit dependency. This also  Blacklists these people from securing work if they decide to change their ways. what a massive cost?? and also someone who decides to grow seven plants for themselves can expect to be in court for a year, at a massive cost in legal aid and court time. how much does a year in court cost??? and afterwards will return to use cannabis for the same reason they started to use cannabis? but this time they have less prospect of rehabilitation, due to crb disclosure.

Please lets get real about this situation. we should encourage cannabis over alcohol, due to cost.

Why is this idea important?

This Idea is important!!!!! controlling the masses with alcohol is impossible, offers no hope to a disaffected youth and costs millions.. cannabis only cost because it is illegal. being illegal means a social cost, the price of which is the ability to rehabilitate someone with a criminal record… People will allways smoke cannabis. People will allways drink alcohol… Get real and do the right thing…. I’m sick of sheep running this country….

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