Having just seen the new video introduction, it's abundantly clear that this site is a PR stunt.

There is another idea proposing its closure http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/repealing-unnecessary-laws/repeal-the-your-freedom-forum


And in many ways I agree with the sentiments in that idea. If politicians are just going to discard ideas to suit their own agendas, then what is the point of debate.


Politicans are there to serve US, to listen and take on board OUR views – not to sit in judgement and discard ideas they may not agree with.


This country is allegedly a democracy, yet time and time again, politicians ignore the will of the people and do their own thing.


So politicians MUST be made to listen to the people they serve – as opposed to just serving their own self interests, or discarding ideas because they don't fit with their idealogy.


Of course, not all ideas will be viable – some will be outlandish, while others are just too draconian for a free society.

But serious suggestions that merely suggest compromise should not be discarded out of hand.


If they're only going to take on board those ideas which they supported before the election, then what is the point of sites like this ?


To my mind, it's now as pointless as the Downing Street petitions site.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is essential if people are to continue providing insight and ideas in a democratic country.


If people feel that politicians are ignoring them, then it will merely lead to a state of apathy where people feel disconnected from their elected representatives.


This is bad for society, bad for democracy and bad for freedom.


If politicians really want to engage the public, then start listening to us – they seem to forget they were elected to serve us, not pursue their own agendas and ignore what the electorate are telling them.

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  1. Think the countries pretty unwell since 2010, fill ya pockets comes to mind with. Gov


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