Remove or modify the requirements to obtain a Standard CRB Disclosure for anyone who NOTIONALLY is assumed to come into contact with children or vulnerable adults.

This 'catch-all' law encompasses persons in no way involved as above just because they work in the same building, often at different times, as the vulnerable ones.  This implies a presumption of guilt because of registration and is very bureaucratic and costly.  Also, if continued in whatever form, a written statement should be made to the registered person on leaving the employment/voluntary work, that his/her name has been expunged from the records.  This does not happen at present.

CRB = Criminal Records Bureau

Why is this idea important?

The summarised content should speak for itself but has been experienced by the writer who worked as a volunteer before, during and after the legislation was introduced.  On leaving the work only a verbal statement from the CRB was made that the writer was no longer registered, even though the police still had the details, but that "I could tear up my certificate if I wished".  The number of true suspects relative to the number of persons in this 'catch-all' legislation must surely be very small and out of proportion to the input and cost of the scheme.    

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