As motorists we are persecuted.  We pay high road tax which has been further exacerbated by the tax being levied against the type of the vehicle you drive – crazy – we all use the roads whichever vehicle we use.  We are targetted continually, the speed cameras that are put are not there to save lives they are there to generate revenue for the police, we should all be insured to drive our vehicles and I do agree that motorists that are not insured should be penalised but law abiding citizens are targetted.  I would hate to have a serious accident because the result would probably mean I would be in prison.  They are called accidents because they are exactly that.  We have a blame cultural in the UK and it has to stop.   The tax on petrol must be cut, I know we owe £169 billion but if the price of petrol came down then automatically everything wlse would which would mean there will be more money in everyone's pocket so helping the economy.

Why is this idea important?

We need to feel that we are in control of our own lives, we are not, we are surrounded by so many ludicrous laws and it has to stop.  The tax on petrol is crippling and so are all the other costs that we have to endure.  In the past we have been told to move to cities so that we can use public transport, we should be able to choose where we live and buy our property not be told by someone in Downing Street who has idea of how anyone in this country lives.

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  1. Yes and now if your mot is out by a day it’s a 100.00fine ,thugs and Ned’s get a wee slap on the wrist ,they’re not raven while caps drivers easy targets .jus theother day I saw 10-12cops 2 cars 3bikers and a dvla inspection van gwn through cars like fain tooth comb.the find the slightest thing wrong and you need together another useless mot ,i say uk mottorists unite to put a end to this .ps if your home is broken into dot call the cops gout in your car with a slight ball joint squeak.

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