All the paper work that is expected to be produced when you farm a area of land that is well with in the limits of stocking rates and you are expected to produce complicated N figures for usage of land  where you use little or no fertiliser only the organic manure that  your animals have produced.   The time spent on gathering this information  and working out  is hours, when I am sorry the most important thing on our farm is caring for our livestock and this year with the lack of grass due to the hot summer and lack of rainfall  it has been a very trying time and we are quite lucky but I certainly feel for the larger farms with large herds and beef animals.  We farm 91 ha and have a animals on our holding of 135 with Dairy cows and young stock.  Being just a small family farm my self and my husband it has taken me over 3 days to get the imformation that was needed for a 50 page tick list for cross compliance.  Our working day is quite often 12-14 hours and with animals, they have to be sorted then and their not tomorrow .  The people that make these rules seem to forget we are working with a living product  depending if it is a animal or crop.  The one thing we are reallly dominated with is the weather and farmers can only do work on their fields when conditons are right and crops are at certian stages. but these rules and regs are bound and their is no movement, where we as farmers can only do things when the circumstances are right

I am not against rules but come on where has common sense gone.

Why is this idea important?

Too many farmers leaving the industry and before long we will be starving their is too must other disasters around the world to source food from the world when we are capable of growing it our selves

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