Have smokers only pubs!  Or go back to the old tap-room senario (the ventilation technology is so much more efficiant today).  Also have negative (I don't class it as negative) discrimination so only smokers can work behind that bar!

Why is this idea important?

You are destroying the the traditional Northern way of life. 

Church (I'm an athiest so get rid of all of them please!). Post Office. Pub.

These were the backbone of the community and now it's Mosques, Kebab shops, and  PC correctness.

Sorry but unless you seriously think the BNP was a problem you're wrong.  It's the other way round. 

I live, day to day, with how the veil is being subtly forced onto women.

Again I'm sorry but the more you stick Southern FEM-BOTS in Yorkshire the more will be the backlash.


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