People who fail to obtain a TV license can be classed as criminals in this country and even jailed  this is patently a nonsense.  Americans cannot believe that we even have to pay for a TV license at all.  The BBC is the main beneficiary of our license fees and yet they continue over indulge themselves with the Trustees fat paychecks and overpaid TV 'stars'  gross overmanning on every programme, see for yourself in all the programme credits etc. Not enough new programming  so thorough  'Root & branch reform' is now overdue and the license fee should begin to fall year on year by advertising. This institution must no longer be a permanent government sop.


Why is this idea important?

The public are fed up with the BBC's past left wing political bias and political correctness and heavy ethnic stance. In this age everyone has to stand or fall on their own feet and not continually demand state aid. There should be a timetable for the withdrawal of license funding over a ten year period to get every media company on an 'equal footing'.  That would be democratic and not continual indoctrination   by some sort of inate longservice  right.



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