Fair Tax system, it has been said by top US econmical professors that if they were designing a tax system from new they would plan it on sales tax only. In the USA there is a growing grass roots desire for a fair and newer tax system for the 21st centry backed by buiness leader, senate membbers and the  man in the street. Google it….!

All wages paid as gross its all your money until you spend it, there is nothing wong with a verying degree of taxion that are transparent. These tax rates may veriry from 1% to 30% depending on the worth or banding value ie. Goods between £1 to £499 – £500 to £999 – £1000 to £2000 extra.

Or every item or service is independantly assesed for tax rateing.

The Tax would be linked to the econmy, And colled as a sales tax, this sales tax could be divided in to Federal (UK) Country, County and distric so all elements of goverment are founded by the products and service companines that are attracted to that region/area.

The tax would be collected across the counter, and paid weekly by retailers, buisness people in to local postoffice/bank holding accounts which would then be distrubited to all goverment main holding accounts on a monthly basies. (Free money to found postoffice bank to use on overnight money markets as a return for no admin charge to goverment)

This will also cut 50% or more of the civel servant at the inland revenue thus reducing a burden on the public purse. This would also reduce the red tape, it would benifit goverment as the tax revenue would be come availble every mounth rather than yearly or quarterly (VAT) this would then effect the way the goverment borrows money.

The implecation are fantasic the savings would benfit us all, I think there would need to be a regulation about removing money from UK and that would have to be taxed as it leaves.

Were there is a will theres a way, lets not dismiss this.

Every item sold would be subject a rate of tax (homes from 10% upto 30% for house over a certain value)






Why is this idea important?

fairness for every one clarity and openness of the tax system.

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