We must have a referendum on getting out of EU. There is vastly more fraud and expense fiddling there than in our Government and all in all, we cannot afford to belong to this criminal organisation. As a retired Accountant I know that not having an audit for such a huge organisation is just crazy but I do understand why nobody in their right mind would want to sign off any accounts at the EU.

Every time I see something happening here that seems bonkers, I dont know whether the legislation has been instigated by the UK government or we have had to abide by EU legislation.

My idea is that we have a much smaller government in this country, we have a lot less laws and that will enable the citizens here to decide everything without worrying about whether we are allowed to do it or not. It will also take the shackles off many businesses and bright individuals who want to make this country more prosperous and a great country to live in. 

Why is this idea important?

I believe that millions died in the second world war fighting for freedom against  the NAZI state and that includes my father who contacted TB because of the war and was then sick for the rest of his short life. 

I want to be friends of all countries in Europe but not governed by them. 

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