Placement of Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs are placed where it is easy to overlook them.

It is a habit for councils to place speed limit signs on junctions, such as the exit points of roundabouts, where a motorist's attention is being used to check the route for hazards , e.g. pedestrians, and other traffic so it is very easy to miss the speed limit signs. Unfortunately it  also seem to be the habit of mobile speed cameras to target motorists within the first few yards of speed limits.

A solution to this would be to place speed limit signs a minimum distance
from the junction, so for example on the exits to a roundabout place the
signs 50 yards/meters away from the exit point. The speed limit should also be painted on the road at the entrance to a speed limit zone. This would ensure motorists
would not be distracted by other events and would then proceed at the safe
speed for the conditions.

I note that our local authority does not like to place pedestrian crossing
close to a roundabout exit as they realise the dangers of having the
crossings too close to the roundabout when the motorist is multitasking.

Why does this idea matter?

Contributes to road safety, avoids signage clutter, helps motorists not to get prosecuted for minor speed limit infringements

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