We have to make Prision work whilst cutting reoffending rates and on top of that cope with the prision's budget being slashed.

Why is this idea important?

Currently prisioners have a Gucci life inside with a TV and playstation for company , 3 square meals per day , daily dips in the pool and many dedicated hours achieving the the body of troy in the gym….whilst learning a degree in how to be a master criminal from their new found mates.

These are my proposals :

1 – To cut the prision population – Deport all foreign prisioners with the agreement that they will serve the remainer of their sentence in their own country. As of the end of June 2007, there were  10,097 foreign nationals were in British jails, representing about 14% of the prison population.

2 – No Televisions or playstation before 6pm. We need to encourage and help them to learn. Replace their daily activities with classes such as English, Maths , geography, computing etc or . Let them study their GCSE's or a trade so they can go out and make something with their lives other than crime.

3 – Have a rehab centre in every prision to help prisioners come off heroin.Give them the methadone and help them to recover and make then attend classes (as explained previously)

4 – Chain gains – Prisioners could provide a valuable contribution back to society with helping in farming or community work etc. They could also build the boot camps which we can use for young offenders …for some tough love.!!

5 – Make prisioners serve a higher proportion of their sentences. You should not be sentences to say 5 years …only to be out in 2 1/2 years.

6 – Teach them a trade or set up a prision manufacturing system whereby they are contributing something back to society.

7 – Boot Camp for young offenders.

8  – Repeat offenders of the same crime will def. go to prision. I like the 3 strikes and your out idea !!.

9 – Assylum seekers who commit crime with not have the right to claim assylum and will automatically be deported.

10 – Use electronice counter measures to block mobile signals in prisions so smuggling phones in would be useless.

11-  Use sniffer dogs for often drug detection and if your caught , then you get time added back on your sentence… 

12 – Prisioners should not still be able to claim benefit whilst being prision. Surely it's not that hard to prevent blatant incompetance and allow it happen.

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