Many of our basic freedoms have been attacked in the recent past.. Many of these attacks have not been direct attacks but indirect attacks. For example, the traditional, downhill cheese chasing  fun activity has been blighted by two things – health and safety and the insurance consequences of health and safety. But we must realise and understand that there is no reasonable reason for officialdom to become involved. Nor is there any reason that insurance companies should become involved. It is normally understood that people who participate in these sort of activities do so at their own risk. Even if this general principle was not true, a simple declaration of personal responsibility would suffice. In other words, and this is of the greatest importance, people can DENY THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE IF THEY WISH TO.

The propaganda that I speak of is the deliberate exaggeration and twisting of the facts to justify the imposition of badly thought out rules which deny us the freedom to amuse ourselves as we wish.



Why is this idea important?

It is becoming clearer and clearer that there are special interest groups which are intent upon denying the people their individual rights to amuse themselves as they wish. I am not talking about Human Rights as defined by law. I am talking about the rights of ordinary people to amuse themselves. Human Rights as defined by law are not human rights – they are human rights as defined by a few people.

What is critically important in my idea is that ANY propaganda has to be justified, Vague surveys and studies are insufficient. .

In this post, I ask only that our politicians should accept some humility. They do not know everything. They need only ASK THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. For example, is it true, or is it propaganda, that non-smookers (as opposed to anti-smokers) want their local pubs to close? 

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