We currently live in a tolerant, liberal western democracy and we need to enshrine the ethos of our State in law in order to protect it from alien/foreign illiberal and intolerant influences. In order to maintain liberties you have to protect them from interference once they are given.


The State should be separate from any religion. Secular Human Rights should always 'trump' religious freedoms, 'non-believers' of religions should be protected from interference from religion. In return adherents of religions must be protected by the State from persecution.


Rights come with responsibilities to our tolerant, liberal western democracy. A social contract should be created where no individual or section of society can take assistance from the State without giving to the State, allegiance is to the British Nation and continuing it's freedoms. English should be the only language used, in print and spoken communication, by the state and all it's local and national authorities. Hiding ones face in public must be a crime. Refusal to engage in the Social Contract results in removal of voting rights and if applicable a reexamination of whether residence/citizenship is still legitimate. The aim is to stop sections of society from alienating themselves within the mainstream of society and living in cultural ghettos.

Why is this idea important?

We are seriously at risk of losing social cohesion. Certain sections of society take benefits or help from the state and contribute nothing in return and live in complete isolation to the mainstream. This does not help multiculturalism or tolerance and helps reinforce a them/us situation.

Certain sections of society wish to be accommodated for their differences, but no compromise is given on their behalf, the host is doing all the compromise. This mocks our tolerance and liberalism.

If we do not put up defences for our tolerant, liberal democracy with all its freedoms we take for granted today we will lose it. 

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