… or at least, make it clear to the EU that we will not implement any ACTA agreement.  Right now, the European Commission is negotiating 'on our behalf' to do things like 'strengthen' the enforcement of existing 'intellectual property' laws.  I know this isn't on the books yet, but I want a promise from the government that it never will be.  The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is an unbelievably illiberal agreement that, if it is waved through by the EU, will have been introduced with no direct involvement of the people of the UK, and there is absolutely no way we should be expected to abide by it.  If you thought the Digital Economy Act was bad, waht till you see this.

Why is this idea important?

The people of the UK should be heavily involved in draconian agreements like this, if they are to be passed at all.  This abomination would have been conducted entirely in secret, and will be enforcing 'intellectual property' laws that many feel already just pander to the very rich and don't fit in with the tendency to want to share information freely in the 21st century.

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