The last government wanted to record who we email, who we text, and what websites we use. It was intended that all this could be used for the prevention and detecting of serious crime.

Whilst it I think it is a good idea to know who is visiting sites that tell you how to build bombs etc, I feel that it is highly intrusive to record if we visited a site about things like aclohol problems, sites that help with male ompetence etc.

My idea is that the law should be changed to exclude websites and pone numbers that are set up to help people. This would mean that whilst the police could find out who called a suspected bomber a few times before an attack, the police would not be able to see if someone had accessed a web site that offers help or called Childline, crime stoppers etc. It would also mean that parents would know that calling someone for help with their alocohol problems etc would not be passed on to others, such as social services.

Why is this idea important?

I think the proposed system goes to far because it means every call, text, email and website visited is kept. This is highly intrusive and it could prevent people from seeking help. I believe that it is better to allow people to seek help in private that put an obstical in their way.

The use of the data could also see a lot of mission creep. for example could an insurance company who is due to pay out £100,000.00 ask to see if the claiment had lied about seeking help for an alcohol problem? Would this be a serious crime? It is not that long ago that laws brought in to fight seriouse crime and terrorist were being used by local councils to see if you clean up after your dog.

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