This is another of those characteristic laws that gives almost unlimited powers to the enforcer with the (not so) comforting explanatory note that it will "never be used".

 – Get rid of the black boxes: privacy is fundamentally more valuable than the comfort of law enforcers.

 – Get rid of the reverse burden of proof: you cannot prove a negative no matter how hard you try.

 – Get rid of the gagging order.

 – In fact get rid of the entire act. Try being rational for a change.

Fundamentally, I do not trust you, the politicians. You are beneath even contempt, as recent events have shown.

You have no honour.

And you are far more of a threat than any number of dodgy cyber-criminals, no matter what sort of pictures they look at.

Is that clear enough for you?

Why is this idea important?

Preserves the following principles:

 – that the burden of proof is upon the accuser

 – the principle of least privilege i.e. that the state has no right to intrude upon the majority of the population "to winnow out the few bad apples"





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