Ear tags are used to identify livestock. All livestock must now have 2 eartags, sheep one with a microchip in.   Ear tags get pulled out with depressing regularity and even worse cause much damage to ears.  Owners are fined if animals do not have the correct tags.

If I went to my livestock and slit their ears with a knife I would rightly be fined (or worse) for animal cruelty.  But the effect of putting in eartags is not dissimilar. Animals put their head through fences or into bushes and rip the tag out.

There would be outrage if tags were suggested for dogs and cats.

Whereas I appreciate the use of identifying animals going into the food chain I do not see the point of disfiguring pet and non breeding stock.

Why can we not have the option of microchipping the animal (not the eartag) for identification purposes.  This provides a permanent identification without animal cruelty.

I would like to see this option for all livestock.  Markets and abbatoirs must have microchip readers and many farmers also have them.




Why is this idea important?

This is an issue of animal welfare.

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