If British society truly believes in rehabilitation (and I often doubt it does) then when a conviction becomes SPENT  the record should be removed from the PNC, local police databases, IDENT 1 fingerprint and photograph databases.

The weeding of this information will save money. And it would allow those individuals who have rehabilitated themselves to move on with their lives -and contribute to this new "Big Society" that the government talks about.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 is outdated and needs to be brought up to date to reflect CRB, ISA, ECHR (Human Rights Laws).

Furthermore, court records must also be subject to weeding – fully subject to the Data Protection Act.


Why is this idea important?

It will save money. And allow being who have rehabilitated themselves to move on with their lives. If we truly believe people can change and rehabilitate themselves why should their history continuing be brought up and risk damaging the changes they have made in their lives?

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  1. I totally agree with this idea as I am personally suffering from a conviction that was spent over 20 years ago and still remains on my record. It has only recently begun to affect my work as I’m developing my Drum business into schools and therefore require a CRB check. I have not only rehabilitated many years ago but now consider myself a valuable member of society and could be instrumental at making a difference for Children in Schools all over London. I’d very much like to see a review of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) as presently it certainly appears to be extremely outdated with the demands of present day society.

  2. Police state and failed state thats the way it will stay for the future of Great Britania and its ancient weak outdated laws made for the criminal bagencies of the government and large private business organisations that use the information and criminally use the information against you repeatedly undetected including police who give that information unlawfully to these organisations. Sorry correction sell that informatioin for financial gain.

  3. Please Please HELP!. I need advice on the possibility of having my criminal record either expunged or possibly sealed. My record has not affected me for many years up until recently. I work within the security industry and i am required by the SIA to provide a disclosure. I have done so for the past 7 years two out of every 3 years for both my SIA Frontline licence and my CCTV Public surveilance licence without issue. ( They are aware of my convictions and due to the rehabilitation of offenders act the SIA recognise my convictions as spent and therfore grant my licences.) I am a father of 3 who is both hardworking and honest and openly admits that he made a mistake 15 years ago, however due to the recession i sadly lost my employment due to staff cuts late in 2011. Since this time i have applied consitently for positions within the security sector only to realise that every employer is requesting a standard disclosure, even though my convictions are spent they are showing on the standard disclosure which in turn is having a serious impact upon my career. I have attained several qualifications within the induastry both at personal and financial cost to myself. How can the goverment or governing body allow prospective employers to walk all over a law that was passed to protect genuinely rehabilitated offenders. I am currently studying at college of which i will now have to give u[ due to what is now happening in 2012. How can this be right? Does this now mean i will be singled out for the rest of my life for having made one mistake in my late teens or am i to asume that this goverment who is so pc and up on human rights allowed to watch a family fall to pieces due to failing to update the rehabilitation of offenders act in line with the ISA and CRB checks…..I’m pretty sure that a section in the human rights act states that i am entitled to private and family life? Due to what i have written it doesn’t appear to be the case.

  4. well written i have had the same trouble i hold a security licence which the sia have granted me but when i apply for security work. employers knock me back regarding my convictions from thirty years ago. so how did i get an sia licence.? the whole system stinks

  5. mine have been there for over twenty five years …I thought if you’ve not been in trouble for over ten years you have the right to have you convictions…removed
    if this is true please tell me how

  6. Its seems the outdated system that myers our life’s are not able to change with the times and we pay for this with our working life’s and travel, a sick twisted life time punishment for one small mistake, Spent Conviction there’s nothing spent about something that stains one life for good, It’s make one think, well they Criminalized us for life maybe I should of turned to Crime from that moment onwards, the treatments the dam same for life.

    I have a spent conviction – importing controlled drugs on misuse of drugs act 1971 S.3
    a disposal fine of £75.00 and cost £40.00
    Date of conviction August 1993

    This Conviction is my one and only offence, but because of a small mistake made as a young guy it seem to of become a life time sentence, so far its cost me two well paid jobs one working for a University for a year and the other working as a maintenance Manager within the NHS after three years.

    Every time I apply for a Visa or disembark from a international aircraft, I’m red flagged and taken to one side and asks to explain this spent conviction, on one occasion whilst returning from NZ back to Aus the officer accused me of telling he lies about my spent conviction and marched me over to a hidden screen of area where two women were seated and were asked to check my details, this they could not do as there system was down, I was then released.

    Is there away to appeal against this Life sentence so called Spent conviction ? is they hell No it seems.

  7. the uk truly are the most evil country in the world. Protecting the public . . . . against the public. The one in three men they are at war with (YES, 1 in 3! have records for life) should take over this country and penalize the inhumanity who allowed our lives to become so meaningless. Government litterally murder people abroad, and destroy peoples lives at home. They are evil.

  8. i think it would be a good idea to let people have there lives back i have a CRB i work in care this has affected me so badly that i cannot get the jobs i really want and am qualified to do mine was over 16 years ago ive never done anything since and changed my whole lifestyle only to be embarrassed and rejected every time i go for a decent job that would benefit my life for the better.after 10 years and if you never offend again i think they should wipe the slate clean to let you move on and rebuild you life

  9. There is a sickening paranoia in society regarding certain offences which, okay is justifiable to a certain extent considering we do have a very sick society. However, there are people who have made serious mistakes in the past who would never ever re-offend and would love to forgive themselves and make themselves valuable society members. The “conclusion jumping” amongst police and certain employers is very unjust and irritating. The police are the biggest culprits. They see every past misdemeanor as “previous form, I.e, ” Once a crook always a crook.” Also the ridiculous pathetic notion that anybody who has a previous record is more likely to offend

  10. My mistake was made over 36 years ago. I must admit it has never been a major problem. It has however been a mi or problem and an embarrassment and shadow that follows me round. Hinesight in an awful thing. Ink on a crb checking form. There is the old addage”if I could turn back time.” Luckily the work I do doesn’t really necessitate an in depth check. Neither do I wish to go to the states or Australia. I find it ironic that a country like anerica with all its crime should be so concerned about who enters or maybe that’s why?

  11. Its a catch twenty two in many cases. You’re damned if you come clean and youre damned if you don’t. With the British police its all.about point scoring,targets and publicity although they would never admit it. Its got nothing g to do with protecting the public. As I stated previously there must be millions of people who just because have made previous mistakes are treated like prime suspects. Co nversley, there must be millions of people without ‘previous” records who do the most horrendous things. Trouble is British PC plod never recognises this. For I stance. I wonder how many police officers and others

  12. Conclusion. Jumping amongst employers and police is perhaps understandable in today’s sick society. However British plod should get away from this notion that everyone who has made a past mistake is forever a crook. There must be people with clean records conversely that go o. To do terrible things. Why should people who have made mistakes always be the prime suspects ts? British plod do this though they would never admit it. Silent disapproval doesn’t wear me down. Its all about targets and publicity

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