I would like to see the council housing tennancy agreement rule on the period of time a tennant can leave their property empty removed.

Why is this idea important?

It preventts single people looking for work in other areas from taking up employment. I dont wish to relocate to find work. But being single that 30 day rule on my tennancy agreement preventts me from looking for temp contract work either in europe or anotherr borough where i could have found temp b&b diggs for an ongoing rolling contract ie building site construction work. If i had a partner no problem but that clause is htting single people who are very happy in their homes and dont wish to relocate. but simply need b&b for short term contract periods. But the 30 day rule on the length of time youu can leave your property empty preventts you from findinng this type of work

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  1. Does the 30 day rule apply solely for non-payment of rent or irrespective?
    If you continue to pay rent (FOR THE FULL PERIOD), then I agree with your situation…
    However if the individual has stopped paying rent then 30 days for a vacant property is very reasonable.

    Surely “abandonment” is the issue…. if you ensure the “landlord” (council/RSL) has been informed that you will continue to pay rent for the complete vacant period then I agree with your point.

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