Recently the rules were changed so a vehicle recovery driver without a tachograph can't recover a vehicle to a location outside a 50 mile radius of his base. This results in wasted time and expense for customers, the RAC etc. Furthermore the rules don't apply to recoveries on Police business!

All this is petty bureacracy gone mad with VOSA people checking up on an industry which has run entirely satisfactorily for years

Why is this idea important?

It is an unecessary restriction on the industry. It has a detrimental impact on customers who are having a bad enough day already. It wastes time effort and money and  it requires an army of VOSA people to police it. All is waste

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One Reply to “Remove restrictive rules for Vehicle Recovery”

  1. totaly agree this law should be excluded.
    as an operator i find it too restrictive, and as previously stated the industry has self-governed for years without major issues

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