Allow small private companies the chance to raise money from people in their local area either as shareholders or as debenture holders. 

Why is this idea important?

Small firms have too few options for financing themselves.  The banks rip them off.  Mezzanine finance is expensive and legalistic.  Government grants are frequently wasted.

And yet small firms are the bedrock of private sector employment.  They are the key source of commercial innovation.

On retiring multinationals will buy them out, but only at a fraction of their value.  Those wishing to retire are therefore forced to gift a proportion of their

Savers meanwhile, who would be prepared to take a small risk investing in a business that they know, are forced to accept instead the miserable interest rates offered by banks.  The perfect security of the banks is very expensive to sustain.  And the big loser is the saver who gets tiny rates of interest on (near) perfect security

Let local savers invest in their local firms.


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