Stop funding protection for Tony Blair and other ex Prime Ministers to save wasting our taxes.

 eg Blair is no longer part of the Britsh Government, has 2 full time security staff who travel with him first class all over the world, staying at First Class hotels. He doesn't need our funding, can afford his own, given his Pension, and the fees he gets for speaking.

The same apply for Margaret Thatcher et al.

Not sure what the law is for this, feel sure it was voted on by the British Parliament, and so can be recinded.

Why is this idea important?

The security risk for ex Prime Ministers is extremely low- what is the benefit to assasinating them?  But the taxpayer is funding the huge costs of special  security for them

If they feel insecure, these guys have more than enough money to pay for securuty themselves. And if they get appointments from outside the British Govt which increase their risk, then it is unfair for Taxpayers to foot the bill.

2 Replies to “Remove Security Protection for ex Prime Ministers”

  1. Only protection should be in the UK, if he wants to travel then they should pay the costs.
    Should be restricted to the first 5 years after office and then withdrawn.

  2. Remove the security of the ex-prime ministers – they earn enough from their spin-off jobs to look after themselves. Besides which their policies took police off our streets whicls allowing EU criminals to fill them!

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