Remove speed humps and cushions and replace with speed indicating signs,  twenty mile zones and non vertical displacement traffic calming. This will save money from reduced installation and vehicles repairs. Make councils install schemes on need and not just to access funding and to keep council road engineers etc. in employment.. Give the people who use and live around the schemes the final say. Democracy & freedom to choose.

Why is this idea important?


Speed humps and cushions


1)         Damaging to vehicles. It is becoming well known that suspension springs and tyre walls are subject to rapid ware in crossing vertical deflections. It is only a matter of time before blow outs and similar are linked to vertical deflection devices. No prolonged studies by the government have been undertaken to access vehicle damage


2)         Restrict access road for people with painful disabilities like arthritis. People with painful conditions tend to avoid road s with speed humps


3)         More people are shown to die from the delay to emergency vehicles than will be saved by speed humps. Emergency services will often use a longer route to avoid speed humps.



4)         Councils will consult local residents as it is required by law but usually totally ignore request for no vertical deflection devices. Drivers who are the main user of roads are not consulted.


5)         Councils are motivated to install such devices by seeking government grants and not necessarily road safety.


6)         No survey is done after installations to monitor if the schemes have worked. Where any evidence in accident reduction is seen it is usually due to traffic number decreasing as drivers find alternate routes but traffic numbers post installation are not monitored.


7)         They are a danger to motorcyclists and pedal cyclists who can lose stability on such devices. They can be hard to see in the dark especially in offside lane and invisble under snow.


8)         They cause an increase air and noise pollution as vehicles speed up between devices.

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