All the while we have hospitals, GP's and other NHS providers in competition with each other we are getting away from true clinicla care. For example, if you go into A&E and they put a canula into your hand you become an admission, hey presto, more money, did you actually need the canula? was it put in 'just in case' this is the sort of gaming that goes on all over the UK in our health care services and it should be stopped. You should only have a canula if you actuially need it not to keep you in hospital. If there was no internal market, in other words, all health providers were properly financed there would be no need for gaming and Doctors & Nurses could concentrate on real clinical need.

Why is this idea important?

Millions of pounds is wasted being passed around trusts and providers as they game the system. By scrapping the internal market clinical care would become the focus of what goes on.

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