Part 1 of Chapter 28 of the Health Act 2006 enacted the General Smoking Ban in Public Places. This chapter ought not  to have been part of an Health Act – it ought to have been part of a Safety Act, if it should exist at all. I say this because, in very broad terms, Health is about curing disease and mending broken bones and mending broken minds.It is not about prohibiting unsafe practices. Smoking in 'public places' is about Safety, and not Health. This idea is fundamentally important to the logic of our laws. Chapter 28 of part 1 of the Health Act 2006 should be repealed  and, if necessary, replaced by a new Act based upon THE DANGERS of smoking (ie. Safety), if there are any. In the present age, the logic of laws is of paramount importance.Health and Safety are two different things and ought not to have been treated as different facets of the same thing. They are different things.  

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because the general public is confused. Many people think that Part 1 of Chapter 28 of the Health Act 2006 was enacted in order to ensure that persons entering 'public' places were to be protected from tobacco smoke – not only in health aspects, but also in unpleasant smell aspects, etc.. That is simply not true. The intention of The Act was simply and solely to protect EMPLOYEES from the dangerous consequences of working in a 'smoky' place. That is all.

I dare to say that most MPs did not know this at the time when the Health Act 2006 was enacted. They were conned. That is not to say that they were INTENTIONALLY conned by Ministers – it is simply that Ministers did not know that they were regarded by the Medical Establishment as useful fools.

I know that Cabinet Ministers and MPs will find it difficult to accept that they have been regarded as useful fools by the Medical Establishment. But if they really think about the exagerations of the harmful effects of passive smoking and many other exageraations (eg. global warming) , they may possibly stop being useful fools.   

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