It is no part of any government's remit to protect adults from the consequences of their own foolishness so long as they do not interefere with the rights of others. All laws which do so should be repealed or amended.

Two examples of such laws are (a) compelling motor cycle riders to wear protective headgear and (b) the prohibition on pubs, clubs, restaurants and other places of entertainment to provide for smokers.

The motor cycle helmet law is unjustifiable because a motor cyclist or pillion passenger is only likely to suffer head injuries after losing control of the vehicle and thus only their own lives are at risk. This is in contrast to the compulsion on car drivers and passengers to wear seat belts. In this case a severe impact or change of speed or direction of travel could lead to an unrestrained occupant being thrown about and interfering with the ability to control the car putting both the occupannts and other road users at risk.

Pubs, clubs, restaurants and other places of entertainment should be allowed to have rooms where smoking is allowed on the following conditions:

(a) that the non-smoking rooms are at least as large andhave at least as good facilities and service.

(b) that the smoke cannot reach the non-smoking rooms or other public parts.

(c) that staff have the right not to work in the smoking rooms.

If smokers or non-smokers are stupid enough to choose to use the smoking rooms, that is their business and the government has no right to intervene.

The crash helmet law should be repealed and the smoking law should be amended.

There are other examples where the same principle should apply including drug laws.




Why is this idea important?

In recent decades the state has tended to interfere in matters which should be down to individual choice.

So long as an adult is not harming anyone else or interefering with their legitmate rights they should be allowed to do anything without the intervention of the law – even if it damages them.

It is time to return our liberties.

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